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Ocean Salmon Fishing
– Haida Gwaii – Queen Charlotte Islands
May through September

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An armful of tyee ready to be released.

Compliment the best ocean salmon fishing…

… with West Wave Fishing. We have twenty (20) plus years of actual professional salmon guiding experience.

This is a major salmon highway…

… there is no argument that there are some spectacular salmon fisheries up and down the coast from California to Alaska, but the waters off the Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii Islands hosts the longest window of opportunity for mature migrating salmon particularly the trophy Chinook salmon. How is this possible you might ask? Well geographically, every year all mature salmon migrate from the open waters of the Pacific Ocean where the Bering Sea spreads its cold waters from the north. The first land mass these fish encounter is the west coast of the Charlotte’s and disperse north to Alaska, east through Dixon entrance and South all the way down to California. What does this mean? It means that all the traffic of all species (chinook, coho, chum, sockeye and pink) from different salmon runs of the whole coast pass through these fishing grounds from May thru September. No other salmon fishery can make this claim!

A pair of Haida Gwaii – Queen Charlotte Islands 50-plus pound slabs!

Chinook Salmon – West Wave Fishing Specialty

 The chinook salmon are probably the most sought after sport fish on the north pacific and rightfully they should be. Out of the five species of salmon they have the ability to grow the biggest and their market value fetch the highest prices. Their size, beauty and their ability to pull like a freight train makes them the prize of these waters. Most commonly they are 10 to 35 pounds at four years, but at 5 and 6 years they begin to obtain weights of 40, 50 and 60 pounds. They are the stallions of the ocean they swim in and the ‘King’ of all salmon.

One “smilie” (big chinook salmon) can make two smiles!

Often described as ‘mighty’…

… Americans call them ‘Kings’ and that they are. The largest growing of all species of salmon. Pound for pound they are the hardest pulling salmon out there and those who may argue this have not had the fortune of catching enough of them. The long heavy throbbing runs, the occasional breech (yes, like a whale does) and the unwillingness give up on a good fight are just some compliments of its awesome size! “They are the king of salmon”… period!

Ocean Salmon | Halibut & Bottom Fishing | Steelhead Fishing

Ocean Salmon Fishing – starting from $2,950 per person (based on 4 persons)
(above prices are in Canadian funds and do not include applicable taxes and/or gratuities)
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