Our Guides Kenny Tsang | Joules McDonald | Jevan Hanchard | Steve Tennant

Possibly the most dynamic group of fishing guides assembled in the North Pacific. ‘The Guides’ are who we are…

Our guides are the foundation of this organization. Most of these guides come from the school of West Coast Fishing Club.

For those who are not familiar with WCFC, they have been one of the most elite fishing getaways of the Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii for the past 20-plus years. They have been known for grooming some of the most complete guides this coast has seen. Some of those guides have since then formed a group known as West Wave Fishing.

Kenny Tsang (Pro Guide Since 1990)

It began as a childhood passion that turned into a summer dream job during college and university. Twenty years later and he’s still living the dream! His love for the Queen Charlottes/Haida Gwaii began during a four year stint with Langara Fishing Lodge, but he attributes most of what he is as a guide to his fourteen years with West Coast Fishing Club. This is not the extent of his fishing portfolio. Sturgeon, river salmon and steelhead fishing, which were once reserved for his own enjoyment, has now become another personal guiding challenge of putting other anglers onto the ‘hot seat’ of these exciting fisheries.

As a guide, Kenny has never been one to speak of his own fishing achievements or stats… as everyone knows, it means much more to hear it from others.

To possess career longevity in this industry, one must command the three P’s… patience, professionalism and production. Throw in courtesy, safety and experience and you’ve got one of the most complete guides in Kenny. Let him show you what many anglers have already had the fortune to experience while fishing with him.

Joules McDonald (Pro Guide Since 1995)

The North Vancouver native which was once thought of least likely to become a fisherman of any magnitude in a household of great fisherman, is now one of the most accomplished fishing guide in the industry. What can he be credited for? Well… without skipping any steps, he climbed the chinook ladder of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and then the trophy of salmon trophies… a 73 pound behemoth. Very few guides can make this claim in their entire career. His persistence to never be on the bottom half of the score sheet has propelled him to the top and kept him there throughout his career. Joules, also a former WCFC prodigy, has also spotlighted at other lodges where he showed anyone that has ever doubted his abilities why he is regarded as a premier guide.

Jevan Hanchard (Pro Guide Since 2003)

1622772_10152716598752110_8556431851008188569_nWhen a person goes fishing at 4am and returns at 8am to start his Forestry job at 9am… that just seems crazy hardcore… or that’s just Jevan. He is no stranger to salmon over 50 and halibut over 200. Discipline, persistence, dedication… are just a few adjectives that can describe this accomplished outdoorsman. This father of three has a busy everyday life… that’s why he appreciates how precious his time hunting, fishing or guiding is and responds with 110 percent! Not only is he a great fisherman, he is a great guide and humble. A rare combination! His professionalism, patience and demeanour are just some attributes that many guides need to work on, as many of his repeat clientele will tell you.

Steve Tennant (Pro Guide Since 1999)

The ‘local’ born and raised Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii boy has now made his home in Vernon. But, just like the saying goes, “you can take the boy out of the Charlottes, but you can’t take the Charlottes out of the boy”. Steve turned alot of heads when he stepped into the guiding scene at WCFC at a tender age of 18. While putting several chinook over 60 lbs under his belt in just his first few seasons and halibut in the 200 pound category, he soon earned the respect of all seasoned guides alike. After four short seasons, his ‘knack’ for finding & catching earned him guide privileges of a ten-plus year veteran. His ability and willingness to find fish when others have thrown in the towel, is what separates him from being a good guide and launches him into the elite guide status. Ten plus years later, he still continues to find ‘them’.