Haida Gwaii | Queen Charlotte Islands | Skidegate Channel | Cartwright Sound

Where We Fish

We could not ask for a better location as far as world class fishing goes. Our boats departs from a the quaint town of Queen Charlotte as they embark on a 45 minute scenic ride through the Skidegate Narrows – the “gateway” to the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.

We concentrate our fishing efforts in an area known as Cartwright Sound. Although, Cartwright Sound is not a fishing area most have heard of, it is every bit as productive as the more well known areas of the islands. These waters are sandwiched between Englefield Bay to the south and directly to the north we have Kano Inlet, Rennell Sound and Hippa Island.

The entire west coast of Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlottes Islands is host to excellent fishing opportunities for salmon and halibut. What makes Cartwright Sound a fishing destination to consider? We have not missed a day of fishing due to weather conditions for the past 7-plus seasons! Unlike other areas, we can fish the protected waters of Skidegate Channel all season. We actually spend 90 percent of our salmon fishing within the channel regardless of the outside water conditions. When it is rough, other fishing services take you to protected areas that they usually never fish otherwise… something to think about!

“Fishing success is making the choices that make sense… “

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