July 23-25, 2015

Haida Gwaii | Queen Charlotte Islands | Salmon & Halibut Fishing

Sounding Like A Broken Record

Image 3It seem like every time we see a waive of nice fish move through the smaller ones are right behind. Maybe that’s the pattern for this season and the sooner we except it… the sooner we can just enjoy fishing! For only the third time this season, we are kept off the grounds due to 3-4 meter seas. That left us no choice, but to direct our full attention to salmon fishing. Chums have become a little more present as we have been getting a few the past couple of days. Most are taking them home for the smoker. So, amongst the smaller fish, we are still find a push of decent springs at one point or another most days. Doug onboard GameDay along with Darren onboard KnottyGirl each landed a 32-pound tyee within an hour of each other. Apparently Glenn whom brought Darren along on this trip was suppose to be up on the rod when the tyee hit but unknowingly passed it up! After 5 seasons with us Glenn has witnessed a number of tyees but still remains at a very respectable 28-lbs as his personal best. Thank you Glenn for passing this tyee up as it will undoubtedly will have you rebooking for next season!